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Nutriame Amel Kaid Ali Dietitian and Nutritionist
Let your food be your only medicine - Hippocrates


Nutriame - Amel Kaid Ali, dietician and nutritionist, in Pierrefonds (QC), offers services to help you lose weight.

My programs are geared at people of all ages struggling with obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

For successful weight loss

As a dietician and nutritionist, I can offer a wide range of nutritional advice through consultations and personalized treatment, all to address your issues and concerns with weight. You will be impressed with the efficient and effective results! We will establish dietary guidelines adapted specifically for your needs. These types of solutions will help you with healthy eating habits as you work towards reaching your desired weight.

I also treat clients with diabetes, cardiovascular health troubles, hypertension, etc. Call for an appointment!

« Nutriame - Amel Kaid Ali, dietician and nutritionist, helps you reach your desired weight. »

Perte de poids Montréal

An appropriate solution

I have a range of services and treatments to help you lose weight and stay healthy.

Book an appointment for a private consultation where I’ll assess your eating habits and take appropriate body measurements (weight, BMI, etc.). Following that type of evaluation, I will be able to offer personalized dietary advice, all the while respecting your health and lifestyle. My different treatment programs will help you on your journey to achieving healthy digestion and responsible eating habits.

« You can count on my expertise. It will lead to your transformation »

Nutriame - Amel Kaid Ali, dietician and nutritionist, offers:

  • Professional nutrition services
  • Personalized support and follow-ups
  • Meaningful results
  • Effective diet management

Reach your desired weight with my services.

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