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Nutriame Amel Kaid Ali Dietitian and Nutritionist
Let your food be your only medicine - Hippocrates


NUTRIAME - AMEL KAID ALI, DIETICIAN AND NUTRITIONIST, in Pierrefonds (QC) is at your service.

If you are having trouble with diabetes, digestion, obesity, or you simply want advice for healthy eating, I am available to help clients in Montréal, Laval and Terrebonne.

Your dietician-nutritionist

As a certified dietician-nutritionist, I use my experience to address your specific needs.

I offer nutritional counselling for adults and seniors in the Montréal area, preparing clients to make their own healthy food choices. The goal is to give you the tools to follow a healthy diet for overall health. I also work with children to tackle nutrition and weight loss. Furthermore, I specialize in working with clients who have diabetes, as well as cardiovascular and digestive concerns. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment!

« Benefit from my services by booking a personalized consultation. »

Diététiste - Nutritionniste   Montréal

Establishing a healthy diet

As part of a private consultation, I evaluate your eating habits. In additional to personalized advice and follow-ups, I offer a step-by-step food plan that is adapted to your needs. Do you have problems with diabetes, hypertension or digestion? I can offer solutions to help solve your nutritional concerns. Over the course of your treatment, I will be by your side, offering motivation until you’ve reached your desired results. Our first consultation will last an hour, and follow-up meetings are 30 minutes in length.

« Adopt new dietary habits with balanced and efficient food choices. »

Nutriame - Amel Kaid Ali, Dietician and Nutritionist is:

  • Professional nutrition services
  • Personalized support and follow-ups
  • Professional advice and guidance
  • Receipts for insurance purposes are available

Eat a balanced diet to live a healthy life.

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